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Create New Plan for Member

Navigate to Dashboard > Listing Plans > Add New Plan,  enter name + content shows on Pricing table

And complete some options below:


Recurring Options:

Trial Interval: Package membership experience time, input 0  to disabled.

Trial Period: Period of experience under: Days / Weeks / Month / Years.


Plan Options:

You should enter full informations, it will be data validation for member later.

Subtitle(optional): This is small text below the Pricing title.

Price: The fee using of package, input 0 for free.

Period: the cycle time of each package calculated according to Days / Weeks / Months / Years

Interval: Numbers of PERIOD value which listing will be expired

Listing Submission Limit: Numbers of listing who subscribe for this plan can submit.

Unlimited Listing Submission:  

Is Recurring:  


Stripe recurring Options:

Stripe Plan: Enter your Stripe Plan ID or create New Plan using this plan details.