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Install plugin and setup app

Install TownHub Mobile App plugin

Login to WordPress admin area then go to Plugins menu to upload/install townhub-mobile.zip plugin -> active the plugin.

NOTE: If you are using CityBook – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme, you have to install citybook-mobile.zip plugin instead.

Add new page for App Explore page

Go to Pages menu and click to add new page

Setup pages and app authentication key

Go to TownHub Mobile Apps menu to enter your app secret key and select newly added page for Explore Page. You can also select extra pages showing on user profile screen

Edit App Explore page

Now go to edit your app page, there is Mobile Apps builder bellow the error. You can use it to add Listings, Categories and Locations sections to your app explore page

You can use drag & drop to order layout sections. You can also edit section element to change title, layout ( slider/carousel/grid/list… ) and which items will be showing on app.

Connect app with your site

Edit /src/constants/SiteDetails.js file to add your app key and site url to connect app with your site.

You can also change default app language and currency there.

Save file changes then you will see your app refresh with data from your site.

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