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Listing Category

3. Listing Category

The Category list will be added on this element, there are 2 tabs option for editing.

Categories Query

1. Select Categories to include: (Leave empty for ALL)

2. Order by: Select how to sort retrieved categories.

3. Sort Order:Select Ascending or Descending order.

4. Hide Empty: Whether to hide categories not assigned to any listings

5. Save: Click to save icon to save the change

Categories Layout

1. Columns Grid: You can select from 1 to 10 columns

2. Categories Items Width: Defined category width. Available values are x1(default),x2(x2 width),x3(x3 width), and separated by comma. Ex: x1,x1,x2,x1,x1,x1

3. Space: there are 4 styles for spacing: Big / Medium / Small / Extra Small / None.

4. View All Link: Enter link view more

5. Save: Click to save icon to save the change

How to create new Category for Listing?