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Version 2.1.5

Important note: CityBook Import Add-On plugin is not needed, it is for bulk import listings from exported excel/csv file with WP All Import plugin. So please deactive it after bulk import or in case you don’t need bulk import function. Also it should be deactive before do update theme proccess.

Update theme

From version 2.1.0 we provide new update system which allow you update our theme and its add-ons plugin directly from WordPress Themes/Plugins screen. You do not need to delete and reinstall add-ons plugins anymore.

Read more details at New update system

New features

1. New schema markup for listings

Checkout how add schema markup to your listings?

2. New built-in lazy load images

3. New editor on listing FAQs field. And custom Excerpt field

4. Improve booking email functionality

You can read more details at topic: Changing azp-widget-booking.php + connecting template tag

5. Fix listing search showing wrong results and getting listings from trash

6. Fix chat typing idicator style

Note: If you did override one of these listing type builder templates, you have to edit them to use php code instead of underscore.js code. View original file for more details.