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Update Theme & Plugin

There are two ways to update your theme. The first method is our Auto Update feature which requires you to register your purchase via Token Registration. The second is to upload the theme manually, either via FTP or WordPress. This is the traditional method and requires you to download the theme files from ThemeForest first.

Before you update, it’s best practice to always check our Important Update Information article which is updated for each new version and to make a full site backup and make a database backup. This will ensure you can revert to a working version if anything unexpected occurs.

Auto Update Method

Envato Market plugin was integrated with this theme to help you update it automatically when a new version release.

To use this plugin you should install it as required plugin for CityBook theme. Navigate to Appearance -> Install Plugins submenu and check to Envato Market plugin to install and active it.

Envato Market plugin screen:

You will need to generate a personal token, and then insert it to Token field:



After saving it, you can Go to Appearance -> Themes click to the Update, the newest version will be update automatical:


Update Plugin

The new version comes with the update of the CityBook Add-ons plugin. Please remove the current plugin and then install the new plugin to get the latest version.